How much does a week cost in a luxury chalet in the mountains?

Between the resorts of prestige from Courchevel, Megève, Méribel, Saint-Martin de Belleville, Val-D’isère and others, vacationers have a large choice for enjoy snow in the French Alps.

Cimalpes remains the only autonomous network of real estate of standing to the mountain. He carefully observed these various stations mentioned above to deduce the state of the places of the markets of the transaction and some rental of high-end properties. If you are wondering how much a week's vacation in Courchevel or in a chalet in Val-D'isère costs, Cimaples can help you.

Combien s’élève une semaine dans un luxueux chalet à la montagne ?

From single studio without renovation cottage worth more than ten million euros, Courchevel is distinguished by his categories of separate property which display a palpable dynamism despite the flexibility of the price. Any potential buyer who values this destination will have no trouble finding a possession responding to his budget. Around February, a week in a ten-person chalet was worth around 69,400 euros.

On the side of the station of Méribel, this destination attracted also quite a few buyers potential given the multiple new programs available on the market. You will find spacious properties that meet your expectations. The price per square meter crosses the 25,000 euros mark or even more. Weekly rentals varied between 3,000 and 27,000 euros in February.

About the largest ski resort of world, Saint-Martin de Belleville, also popular like Courchevel and Méribel, with a reputation of the 3 Valleys, its cote stay in perpetual evolution. Despite the rise, the investors seem strongly interested in a property high-end, displaying a “lifestyle” atmosphere and price a bit more low compared to the other two stations. To compare, a rental has the week a luxury apartment offering six places was possible for only 4,500 euros.

Today, near Val-D’isère, a station at charm of a village with the assets of a huge domain, supply can no longer meet demand. Moreover, the transactions are done more quickly than elsewhere. In this popular resort, the season remains extended to offer outlook of increased rental profitability. In February, for rent real estate per week, we needed at least 4,800 euros.

In front of these high altitude stations, Megève displays an air of village beautifully asleep thanks to his imperishable charm. The market of real estate remains stable there. However, in Baroness de Rothschild's station, things have evolved. A program of nearly 300 new housing will hit the market by 2022 with increased supply for to fill in the requests. This renewal of real estate will bring into the old multiple renovations or one low readjustment. As for rentals, prices increased sharply in February with 59,000 euros for a chalet rented by the week. During the first week of January, this price reached 87,700 euros.