Nature & Résidence Village développe des Parcs Résidentiels de Loisirs en toute propriété foncière depuis 2009, dans toute la France.

High quality Cottages and a preserved environment

On each project, we link up with effective, dependable local partners so as to be able to offer you great-looking, solidly-constructed holiday homes that are both well thought-out and which boast the levels of comfort the modern home-owner expects. 

We are supported by Premier Plan, a firm endowed with an urban and landscape planning department, which coordinates the various ecologists who carry out assessments of sensitive environmental issues (wetlands, protected species, etc.), beginning with the very first outlines of a project. An assessment is also performed to ensure each site’s fit into its environment.

Our philosophy is simple: To offer high-quality properties at an affordable price tag which fit perfectly into their surroundings

Nos PRL sont de véritables ensembles de petites maisons dans la nature, livrés clés en main, prêts à habiter, offrant des services et du personnel.
Our projects are manageable in size, offering privacy, yet at the same time encouraging the development of a sense of community amongst the owners and the inhabitants of the wider neighbourhood.


Nature & Résidence Village appartient à un groupe : Nature & Résidence Groupe , whose core businesses are campgrounds and property development.

Lorsque le groupe s’est lancé dans la promotion immobilière, la rencontre de ces deux activités a fait émerger la marque Nature & Résidence Village.
Boasting expertise in tourism and property development and small enough to offer that personal touch, our independently-owned group listened to what holiday-makers really wanted - unlike other firms… Vacationers wanted to know how they could have greater independence when away on holiday, compared to what they experienced on a typical campsite, but still benefit from a range of leisure services and also own their own property.

Nature & Résidence was founded with this in mind: to cater to this market, which included many families and working age and retired couples, by offering them an affordable, practical and novel solution.