Owning a property on a Residential Leisure Park (PRL): holidays guaranteed all year round

Would you like to own a turnkey holiday home that’s genuinely affordable?

Holiday Resorts and Villages are a novel, comfortable and affordable approach to owning a holiday home. Cheaper than a house in the country, more comfortable than a mobile home, Holiday Resorts and Villages is a great-value solution that’s more convenient and less risky than other options, whilst catering to the expectations and needs of prospective owners.

Nature & Résidence VILLAGE offers high-end and environmentally friendly programs while remaining accessible and economical. With its experience, Nature & Résidence VILLAGE can claim to be the French specialist in the design of Residential Leisure Parks in full land ownership.

The advantages of owning your property and land outright

When you become a homeowner with us, you are buying a ready-to-move-in home and a plot of land on a fully-developed site. The French tax administration considers your cottage to be an ‘habitation légère de loisirs’, defined as constructions which can be dismantled or transported and which are intended for temporary or seasonal leisure usage. As a result, you enjoy reduced property tax and council tax rate. Your property is a transferable, inheritable asset which is eligible for all the benefits of an LMNP. * LMNP: Non-professional furnished rental property, eligibility subject to any changes in the applicable tax laws.





Secure domains


Shared, maintained green spaces and playgrounds

Rental management service, either à la carte or as an LMNP* (optional)

Covered heated pool

Conference room

Parc résidentiel de loisir : devenir propriétaire de sa résidence secondaire



There are two ways of buying a property in a Holiday Resort or Village: The ‘PRL Hôtelier’: you are effectively renting a plot. The holiday home belongs to you but the site does not. Rent for the plot is paid on an annual basis. The ‘PRL à cession de parcelle’: you own your holiday home and your plot outright, effectively on a ‘freehold’ style basis. Through your membership of the owners’ association, you are also co-owner of all the development’s communal buildings and areas. This is the solution offered by Nature & Résidence VILLAGE,as it gives you complete control over your investment: you’re home from home, from the turf on your lawn to the top of your roof.

The services of a high-end residence at controlled costs

With Nature & Résidence VILLAGE, you can have your own turnkey freehold property with all the facilities you could possibly want – and peace of mind as standard!

When you purchase a property, you’re buying both a holiday home and the plot on which it stands. The entire site is has all the services and amenities you’d expect. Your home is easy to get to thanks to the development’s access roads. You have your own car parking space, green areas, access to a heated pool in the winter, children’s play areas and even a meeting room. All owners are members of the ‘association syndicale’, an association of owners for the management of common areas.

This body manages the development all year round. It offers certain benefits, and will oversee the provision of a professional security service for the estate. It will function even in your absence.

Environmental regulations 2020

This Regulation makes it possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage the construction of new buildings that are more environmentally friendly. This is THE new thing from Nature & Résidence Village to offer you a standard of living identical to that of a house.

Residential leisure park: second homes without impact on the supply of main residences!

Thanks to its Residential Leisure Parks, the Nature & Résidence Group meets the French appetite for second homes, without altering the supply of housing available as a primary residence. A decisive asset in a tense sector.

In France, four out of ten second homes are located on the coast. In the most attractive areas, this phenomenon necessarily causes significant imbalances between the share of primary residences and the share of secondary residences. With 54.5% second homes, the Gulf of Saint-Tropez is an extreme case. But other sectors are not spared: 40.6% of second homes in the Royan agglomeration, 38.5% in the South of the Landes, 28% in the Arcachon Basin, 18.3% in the Basque Country … Seaside towns are particularly affected. In Biarritz or Saint-Jean-de-Luz, more than 40% of housing is second homes occupied only a few weeks a year. This situation is problematic for many residents who are no longer able to find year-round accommodation in their place of life and work. So, what solutions can be found to reconcile the needs of the territories faced with the lack of year-round housing and the French appetite for second homes?

A lasting solution to the housing challenge

« The problem does not come from the French taste for second homes, but rather from the type of property offered », Estimates Luis Do Souto, head of the Nature & Résidence Group.

Established in the Basque Country and present throughout France, Nature & Résidence has been building residential areas with services for more than ten years: residential leisure parks (N&R Village), senior residences (N&R Silver), leisure residences (N&R Loisirs)… “ Residential leisure parks (PRL) that we develop obey, for example, very precise standards. They occupy land where construction is extremely regulated and where it is only possible to build light leisure homes. And nothing else. Our PRL are therefore never in competition with building land, nor with housing sold to residents or rented for the year.  he explains.

In other words, PRLs do not encroach on the local market for primary residences. A win-win, in short, for second home owners and locals alike!