Thermal strainers soon to be banned for rental

The energy consumption of the French is very high according to a survey carried out by an expert, Effy. According to his estimate, heating French homes would cost around 1,684 euros per year. The invoice being too high, almost exceeding the minimum wage, a decree comprising new energy measures was issued by the Government.

Oil heaters, the biggest spenders

The Effy group carried out a study, simulations and energy diagnostics, in the homes of approximately 10,824 people. To heat their home, these people would spend approximately 140 euros per month, or on average 1,684 euros per year.

The housing using the heating in fuel oil would induce a higher bill, approximately 2,108 euros per year compared to 1,777 euros per year for electricity, 1,369 euros per year for gas and 1,147 euros per year for heating at wood.

According to statistics, almost 3.5 million French households use fuel oil as source of main heating of their housing. Spend a month's salary on energy bill nevertheless remains intolerable according to state officials, hence the taking of the radical measure aiming to to forbid the thermal strainers in the surroundings of rental real estate.

A change in the terms of “energy performance” for a decent home

A new decree was issued by the Government about the different measurements included in the Energy Performance Diagnosis or DPE as part of the building of a decent housing. This news regulations mainly aim to to forbid the setting in rental of the housing displaying a DPE exceeding 450 kWh/m² per year.

These are thus the housing with a classified DPE G and F, the worst categories, which are priority in the implementation of these new regulations. The goal is to reduce the energy consumption of the French homes, and especially to lower their monthly bill and annual. The collective real estate and private are concerned.

The entry into force of this new decree is planned for 2023, with nearly 90,000 housing units affected in the first stage. By 2028, the Government hopes to end the rental of nearly 4.8 million energy-intensive homes, which are also major emitters of greenhouse gases along with other sectors such as industry, transport and agriculture.

Ban on “thermal sieves” for the introduction of the law for the Citizens’ Climate Convention

Theban on the rental of housing with a DPE greater than 450 kWh/m² also intervenes in compliance with the law for the Citizens' convention on the climate. A decent housing offered for rental must then respect environmental standards while reducing the energy expenditure paid by the French.

The project is still only in its infancy firstfruits, starting by eradicating nearly 4% of thermal strainers existing in France. The Government is primarily targeting the worst of them and intends to accelerate the process by 2028. If you work in rental real estate, think carefully about take into account of this news thermal regulations.