How much does a second home really cost?

France currently has some 3.6 million second homes, according to an INSEE study. Country houses thus constitute around 10% of the stock. real estate hexagonal.

According to an LPI-SeLoger barometer from December 2020, it takes on average €268,000 to afford a second home. We also know that buyers prefer houses to apartments; However, one in five future buyers is undecided between these two types of property, according to a SeLoger study.

Combien coûte vraiment une résidence secondaire ?

Paca is again the 2rd region where a second home costs the most

The average indicated a few lines above is far from reflecting the realities in the different regions of France. Quite the contrary. Unsurprisingly, it is in the Ile-de-France region that residential homes secondary cost the more expensive : these properties are traded on average around €358,100, with an increase of 1.8% compared to the previous year.

But if the high price of a country house in the Paris region is hardly a surprise, it is also interesting to look at the reality of the market in the South of the country. More precisely, the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur is again the second region where price of the second homes are the most students. With an average of €357,600, prices have increased by 12.7% over one year and are getting closer to those in the Paris region.

The significant increase in prices in the Paca region “relegates” Aquitaine to third place. Prices of country houses there have still increased by 6.9% over one year, now with an average of €345,000.

Limousin is one of the areas where second homes cost the cheaper. With an average of €118,900, prices fell by 17.6% year-on-year. The realities contrast completely with those that we can see in Ile-de-France or in Paca in particular. To compare, the acquisition of a house of campaign in Limousin would be around 200% more expensive in the Paris region.

We can also find reasonable prices in Auvergne, where country houses are traded on average around €131,100, still with an increase of 4.5% over one year. Lorraine displays an average of €134,600, with a significant increase by 12.6% over one year.

The North-West of France is on the rise

Since the start of the health crisis, many families have always felt the need of change environment sometimes. This is how, over the months, more and more French people want to acquire a second home, preferably a single-storey house located in a more peaceful environment but which is not too far from the metropolis where they live, particularly Paris. A SeLoger study reveals that the North-West quarter is among the most popular areas for buyers. More precisely 40% of future buyers favor this territory, while 28% opt for the South-East and 13% for the South-West. The survey also indicates that 47% of residents of the Ile-de-France region are looking for a second home mainly in the Greater West, while 18% of them are exploring the South-East.

But beyond geographical considerations, we know above all that the buyers are interested above all to residential homes located in medium-sized towns. Thus, municipalities with less than 2,000 inhabitants are favored by 3 out of 5 buyers.