Limited decline in the real estate market

Unlike the first confinement, the real estate activities do not have not stopped in November, even if the visits have been prohibited.

According to the Meilleurs Agents study, the number of promises of sale signed do not have retreated only 10% in November, while it collapsed by 75% during the first confinement.

Recul du marché immobilier limité

Despite a sharp increase in the number of promises of sale signed, after the lifting of confinement last May, the situation suggests that the evolution of estate market will be limited. With this second confinement, carriers of projects and those who have real estate projects in progress keep hope. For them, the stone always remains a safe investment.

In November 2020, the number of signed sales promises fell by only 10%. This percentage corresponds to almost 10,000 aborted sales during the past month, compared to 180,000 during the first confinement. Just like the months of September and October, the month of November settles into a rebalancing gradual market, with +0.1% in the 10 largest French cities.

At the national level, the integration of new announcements of setting in sale fell by 30%, compared to the normal rate during the month which has just passed. Thus, this reduction in stocks, combined with low enthusiasm on the part of potential buyers, could slow down expansion of estate market in the coming weeks.

With the economic situation and sanitary Currently, nearly 71% of sellers and buyers remain confident about the future of the market. During this period, the average purchasing projects aborted was only 6%, compared to only 4% of projects of sale.

According to these different elements, the leader of real estate valuation, Meilleurs Agents, argues that the market should not fall, thanks to the confidence of real estate players. However, the market will undergo a phase of retreat, in terms of the extent of the economic effects of the crisis.

The key figures of market in November according to Meilleurs Agents

  • Average price per m² in France: 2,766 euros (+0.2%)
  • Average price per m² in Paris: 10,476 euros (0%); Strasbourg: +0.7%; Toulouse and Nice: -0.4%