SCPI: Correct yield and resumption of collection in the first quarter

The investment in SCPI or Civil society of real estate investment knew how to be more or less successful despite the health crisis. In 2021, the yield or TDVM a enregistré un rate by 3.98% during the first quarter, which represents 1.70 billion euros, compared to 2.4 billion in 2020. Compared to the quarter of 2020, we thus see a slight decrease of yield. But how to understand this investment and how can this result be explained for this year 2021?

The specificities of SCPIs

This is a investment managed by a management company for the creation park real estate. This investment therefore gives rise to asset selection in the sector of real estate, in order to be able to generate significant rental income, but also to be able to stimulate constitution of real estate assets. More the market real estate is lucrative, the higher the value of the real estate stock. Investing in SCPI is therefore a favorable alternative to build a saving. Moreover, in terms of investment, the SCPI comes favorably compete others forms of savings, namely life insurance or even savings accounts. The additional income issued by the SCPI seem to be continually attractive for the audience.

SCPI : Rendement correct et reprise de la collecte au premier trimestre

You therefore have the possibility to choose to invest in many types of SCPI, such as performance SCPIs (with fixed capital or variable capital). These include in particular the real estate of desk, of shops or warehouses. You can also turn to the SCPI of the residential real estate ; a market just as promising, because the rent is attractive. Added to this are the fiscal SCPIs, like the SCPI Pinel, where the housing benefits of a tax reduction. This concerns particularly new housing and those which require renovation before the resale or the rental. Finally, you can opt for OPCI, a form of SCPI of yield associated with funds invested (bonds).

Reduction in rent collection in 2021

A low cash flow of the rents was perceived at the level of companies of management. At the start of the year, it was preferable to monitor the economic recovery with caution. The income collected by the management companies was therefore put in reserve. However, certain categories of SCPI were able to benefit from better performance in matters investment.

SCPIs according to their rate of return

From SCPI having been the most laborious, we find the SPCI of offices either those linked to the logistics. This is particularly in the Ile-de-France region that investment of offices has spread widely. A acquisition 40% was recorded at the start of 2021. This is mainly equivalent to more than 350,000 m² of surface area, or therefore 1.16 billion euros in acquisitions. The Specialized SCPI in the residential also benefited from a good stability, recording a rate of more than 6%. But also health-oriented SCPIs have benefited from a superior yield at 5%. These three main SCPIs represent around 1/3 of the collection.

At the level of SCPI shops represent as for them only 3% of the net collection. We find at the bottom of the list, SCPIs dedicated to the hotel industry. The latter recorded only one low rate by 2%. This is mainly due to a low deployment of tourism sector. Moreover, the confinement of the first quarter did not at all benefit the recovery of the sector. THE investments were therefore not favorably stimulated and investors favored maintain balance between return and risk. However, overall, we can witness a yield more or less correct and a level of intake reasonable risk.

Towards a dynamic recovery

The coming months promise to be potentially dynamic for investment in SCPI. Despite the health situation, the managers were able to find a certain stability and the customers or savers always wear a interest constant for this type real estate savings. Moreover, the deconfinement and the gradual return of commerce will be able to recover the economy and comfort investors in their real estate projects. Many new entrants want enjoy of market taking into account the current situation. Tourism having suffered a failure during the previous year is wanted today find her growth and therefore regain its dynamism. This product therefore sees itself as a favorable investment for the investors in the coming months and years.