SCPI: What return can we expect in 2021?

Following results delivered by the yield of the SCPI in 2020, we were able raise a average rate of 4.18%. This mainly represents a collection of 6 billion euros. Compared to the year 2019, this rate was high at 5%. From now on, the year 2021 wishes to be able to recover its rate of yield for be able to align to that of 2019. This is also a considerable record in the middle of real estate investment. However, it would be preferable to analyze and of watch over to the tendency of market, both at the level of the share price of the SPCI, and at the level of harvests. It will therefore be important to determine a forecast rate for the year 2021.

Calculating the profitability of SCPIs

The calculation of the profitability of the SCPI is represented by the rental yield, or the TDVM (Distribution rate on market value). These include, among other things, income or dividends paid to investors compared to their investment shares. The more profitable an SCPI is, the more regular your income is or whether you receive a capital gain during your resale.

SCPI : Quel rendement attendre en 2021 ?

The trend in SCPI share prices

According to findings noted at the level of price of part of the SCPI, the first quarter of 2021 recorded a decrease of price, particularly at the level of commercial SCPIs. These are mainly the investors Aestiam Cap’Hébergimmo (5.66% investment in hotels) and Aestiam Pierre Rendement (3.96% investment in businesses).

In Ile-de-France, the price its revalued of 2.26%. This rate is attributed to SCPI PF GRAND PARIS. Certainly the start of 2021 was more or less favorable for certain sectors, it is still essential to stay on guard for the next few months to come and therefore to watch continually tendency of market.

A sustainable investment

Since many years, invest in SCPI has always been a real success for the investors because the latter see each other benefit of a rate of optimal performance compared to others forms of savings. In 2020, the estate market experienced a real boom and requested a sustainable competitive performance, particularly in terms of rent. This is also why during this year, the yield displayed a higher rate at 6%, despite the financial crisis. The savers therefore always seem bear interest by this type of investment product for generate more of income.

A sustained revival

According to forecasts carried out at the level of rate of yield forecast, we can witness a very timely revival for investors. The management companies will therefore be able to ensure a much larger collection. But to be able to realize a estimate effective yield forecast, it is necessary to carry out a analysis of market. This is why, among 70 SCPIs having undergone an audit, a sample of 55 SCPIs was recorded at the LINXEA SCPI Observatory. The latter therefore have communicated their forecast returns. We were therefore able to note an average forecast yield of 4.57% for the year 2021. However, this percentage is still a facade representative because the 20% of registered SCPIs have issued lower yields in 2020.

Promising sectors

If you are considering benefit of a best performance in theproperty investment, it would be wise to turn to a diversity of wallet. Vous devez donc vous orienter sur un bon nombre de SCPI in order to to avoid All real estate risk. You would have to suffer of the rises of price and sometimes even to competitive returns. This can be quite appropriate for every investor.

The diversification is therefore a solution has privilege in order to take advantage of the many advantages offered by the different sectors. These include in particular target the asset classes such as offices, activities or even businesses. You can also turn to residential real estate and enjoy the Pinel law for benefit of a property whose energetic performance is optimal. It is also a sector which arouses many interest because of his responsible character and his creation of added value at wellness. At the level of warehouses or business buildings, this market is more supported in line. Besides the request of logistics rental of e-commerce has been developing gradually since the 2020s until 2021. This market merit therefore to be strongly exploited.